About Us

Rocket Mobility® manufactures all-terrain tracked wheelchairs.

While the company is new, the idea behind Rocket Mobility has been evolving for years.

Brice Crawford, the owner of Rocket Mobility, grew up in a farm and ranch environment. He witnessed the difficulty various family members faced getting around outdoors. His grandfather stepped on a land mine in World War II and had difficulty walking around the rough terrain of cattle pens and pastures on the farm with his prosthetic leg. Then his mother suffered nerve damage in her leg during an operation that punctured an artery in her leg. The nerve damage made it difficult and painful for her to walk and limited her ability to spend time outdoors.

There are numerous individuals with similar life situations. But there are very few products available that will allow individuals with limited physical abilities to get outdoors and go anywhere they want to with no limitations. This is what has led to the creation of Rocket Mobility and the first in an array of products intended to get people outdoors who may not have been able to do so before. With our high output motors and controllers, and our high capacity batteries, we are providing more power and speed in our vehicles than anyone else in the outdoor mobility market. That is why we say…Go Far, Fast!

AP Photo/The Journal-Star, Dan Little